Little Things

Here are some little things that I’ve noticed make people (or at least me) happy! 🙂

  • Animals with funny markings
  • When its cold in the house in the morning but you’re warm under a blanket
  • When someone notices your haircut
  • That random urge to be productive at 3AM
  • Finishing your cereal and there’s no extra milk left in the bowl
  • The static warmth of clothes just out of the dryer
  • Changing out of dress clothes into something more comfortable
  • Suddenly remembering something you hadn’t realized you’d forgotten
  • Making someone genuinely laugh
  • Waking up two minutes before your alarm rings and savoring those two minutes of sleep
  • Fresh, warm, fluffy bread
  • Remembering every detail of your dream(s)
  • Starting a workout and feeling like air because nothing is sore
  • Finding money in your jeans or jacket pocket
  • Personal dance parties when nobody is watching
  • When you know what something means or what something is from on someone else’s shirt, and you both get super excited and become friends
  • Finding old things or toys that remind you of your childhood
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Untouched snow
  • Sliding into a bed with clean sheets
  • When little kids love you or think you’re cool
  • Cuddling with pets
  • Knowing someone well enough to finish their sentence when they pause
  • Being right beside the toaster when the bread pops out
  • The feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished a big project
  • Laughing hysterically with family or friends, all problems forgotten
  • Purposely mismatching your socks (though this is probably just me :D)

What are some little things that make you happy?


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