Invisible (short one-shot)

I guess I’d say I’m invisible. Always have been. People can’t normally see me, and I can’t tell if I’m really there sometimes… wait, why is that? Oh, right. I think I died some time ago. Can’t really remember when. I guess I died, but I’m still somehow here. But if I’m here, why can’t people see me? I kind of float from place to place…but I feel like I’m missing something. I just want someone to talk to, someone who can see me. What is that called? I think it’s called a “friend” …I seem to be forgetting things like that these days. I look at my hands. They look like water almost…I can see through them to the ground I’m standing on. I think I’m in the place I once called “school”. I look around at the people walking by, with things in their arms and on their backs. Lots of their mouths have an interesting shape…what is it called? I think maybe a “smile” is what it is. It looks nice. I want to smile too. I can’t seem to figure out how…maybe invisible people can’t smile.

              I walk around. If I’m dead now…does that mean I used to be alive? Yes, yes…but why am I here? Did I forget something? I look at the people milling around me. They pass by me. One walked right through me. They don’t stop…as if I’m not there. But I am here. I feel like this has happened before…maybe it has. I guess it was when I was alive…this word “alive” sounds strange to me. Anyway, I think maybe I used to do this same thing. I don’t think I ever had many of what are called “friends”… I remember now. I used to go to this school…I used to walk in these “halls”… but I don’t think, like now, anyone ever noticed me. Maybe it’s my fault… I need to try. Maybe I need to try harder. I run and stand in front of the first person I see. I wave my arms. But he continues to walk…right through me. I am stunned. No, no…I must not let this stop me.

              I want a friend. I want someone to see me, at least. I’m trying. I think maybe, eventually, someone will see me. If I run and jump and wave my arms like this…why? Why am I invisible? I sink to the ground. I cover my face in my hands. When I look at my hands again, they are wet. Interesting…  I forgot I could do that. Wait, what else can I do? I think I used to be able to…what is it called? “Talk”, I think. I open my mouth, because it seems to be the right thing to do. But nothing comes out. I try it again, but I can’t seem to “talk”. Maybe that’s another thing invisible people can’t do…

              I sit and watch these people for a while. They seem happy, although I have a feeling that I never really was…

              Please. PLEASE. Anyone…please look at me.

              I am looking at the ground. I am wearing what are called “sneakers”. I look to the left. By my feet are another pair of feet…and legs. I look up. It is a girl…she is looking at me. Her eyes are wide. With shock perhaps…that she can see someone like me. She is quite pretty.

              “J-Jared?” she says. Her voice is shaking.

              Jared? Is that…me? Yes, that sounds familiar…I guess that is my “name”. I stand up. I am just a bit taller than her.

              “Jared? I thought…I thought you….”

              “Died?” I say.

              Wait, I just talked. I can talk! I touch my mouth. How?

              “Yes,” I say, “I think that’s what happened…”

              She looks at me up and down. Then she stares at me, in my eyes, ignoring the people jostling around her. It is almost as if we are in our own separate bubble. She looks familiar. I think she was in one of my “classes”…

              She smiles. I see water coming from her eyes. That’s what I was doing before…is she sad? I don’t want her to be sad. Wait, but she is smiling…then she’s happy? That’s good. But why is she smiling? Is she…could she possibly…be smiling at…at me?

              “I don’t know why this is happening, but I have a feeling I won’t be able to see you for very long.” She says. I think her name is…Alice. “So, I want to tell you…to tell you…” She looks uneasy now. I wonder why?

              “I want to tell you,” she seemed reassure herself here, “that… that I’ve always liked you!”

              She almost shouted. People were gathering around her by now…but she didn’t seem to care.

              “L-liked…me?” I say. I don’t know what to feel…wait, I do. I feel something welling up inside me. It feels nice.

              She reaches up to me, and puts her hands on my cheeks…but they don’t go through me. They feel warm. Then she said something I will never forget.

              “Jared, you’re not invisible…not to me.” She is crying, but her smile is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen.

              I feel water coming from my eyes. My mouth stretches in what I think is…is a smile. I reach down and wrap my arms around Alice. Her hair smells nice.

              “Thank you” I whisper.

              Then everything became brighter and brighter, like I was staring into the sun…

              And then I think I disappeared. But not because I was invisible.


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